Countdown Timer

Code for t-minus timers

[tminus t=”01-09-2017 12:00″ style=”c-3po”/]


[tminus t=”01-09-2017 12:00:00″ style=”jedi”/]


[tminus t=”01-09-2017 12:00:00″ style=”carbonite”/]


[tminus t=”01-09-2017 12:00:00″ style=”carbonlite”/]


[tminus t=”01-09-2017 13:00:00″ width=”600″ style=”TIE-fighter”/]

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Limited Time Only – Domains Sale

For a limited time only Flamethrower One will be selling registered domains. We are different in that we are not looking to retire off the sale of a domain. We have specific and special pricing for each domain. Inquire today on how you can purchase one of these great domains or how we can build a site around it for you.

The Ideas Are Truly Endless At Flamethrower One…

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Raise your glasses to, Flamethrower One’s newest customer. Any time is a great time to do UpUrs! Any time is also a great time to have Flamethrower One design and maintain a state of the art website for you. Call or email us today. At Flamethrower One, The Ideas are Truly Endless…

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The Basics of Responsive Web Design

How can websites possibly keep up with the millions of screens out there?

The short answer is they can’t. And never will be able to.

So how does a web page adapt responsively to the needs of a computer screen versus an iPad or Blackberry screen?

One of the best ways is through technique called responsive web design.

Responsive web design uses a separate set of files called CSS media queries to serve different style properties depending on the screen size, orientation, resolution, color ...

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